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Established in 2001, GT Motors is one of the UK’s leading
Independent Toyota Estima & Import MPV specialists 
(although we now do much more than just Toyotas!)

With a reputation for exceptional customer service, we pride
ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure that your car receives the best possible care at the best possible price, all backed up by our accreditation to the RMIF and membership of the acclaimed Trust My Garage scheme. 

Whilst we pride ourselves on our Toyota heritage, we have
expanded over the years to now cover most domestic and Imported marques and offer the same service regardless of manufacturer.

Based in Newton Abbot our fully equipped workshops and highly trained technicians offer:

Owner and Mechanic
gary thomas

I began dealing in Toyota Estima Lucida and Estima Eminas in 2001, when I bought our first Estima as our family car. At this point in time I was motor trading on a part time basis to help make ends meet, after being made redundant earlier in the year.

Back then, Estimas were relatively rare, and our choice of family car raised a few eyebrows. Comments such as Grey imports costs a fortune to insure and ˜Parts will be impossible to get hold of” and ˜You will never find a garage to work on that! were pretty common. But we all loved it, and after being cramped in a Ford Galaxy and a Renault Espace, the interior space was a life-saver, for a large family with prams etc.

A week into our ownership, two of our sceptical friends asked to borrow the Estima for the weekend, promptly fell in love with it and asked me to find them one. This I did; and GT Motors Estima Specialists was born.

from humble beginnings

Our Story

From humble beginnings we have now grown into a successful small business by offering superb value for money and by focussing 100% on customer satisfaction. 

Out went the run-of-the-mill cars and in came freshly imported Toyota Estima Eminas and Lucidas.

Since then we have graduated from selling on a part-time basis from home, to having a dedicated Repair Workshop with 3 ramps, a Parts Department and a Sales Area where we hold around 10 to 15 vehicles at any one time. To date, we have sold over 800 Estimas and undertake all manner of repair work and servicing, both for private owners and other garages.


Rather than compete with other Estima importers, GT Motors now specialises in buying UK-based Toyota Estima Emina and Lucidas that require mechanical attention. We scour the country for the right cars and bring them to Newton Abbot, where we grade them and either expertly repair them & then sell them with a full 12 months parts and labour warranty, or break them for spares. This puts us in complete control of the cars conditioning, meaning that we can be 100% confident in the cars that we sell. It also means that our cars can be very competitively priced without cutting any corners on the preparation. Preparation which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full service with new cambelt
  • New Radiator, Thermostat and UK Coolant
  • MPH speedo conversion
  • Full Valet And Pre-Delivery Inspection.

From humble beginnings we have now grown into a successful small business by offering superb value for money and by focussing 100% on customer satisfaction. So if you are looking for an Estima Lucida or Estima Emina, or if you already own one and require service or repair, then please call usWe will do our very best to help.

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